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Beyond Academics

SIGMA School provides on and off campus programs that strengthens students intellectual capabilities and develops real life skill applications. The program includes talent shows, field visits, demonstrations, hand on activities, debates, seminars, quiz programs etc.
Extra Curricular Activities

SIGMA School strives to achieve the perfect balance between academic excellence and life outside. This is done through various extracurricular and cocurricular activities.  Our aim is to develop a love of learning in children that'll last through their lives. We offer a broad curriculum that includes a wide range of extra curricular activities besides academics. Physical and mental development is intended to happen in tandem through indoor and outdoor sports. 

We provide English Enhancement & Personality Development training to each child. We are using a series of activity based on English language learning materials.



Separate yoga classes for boys and girls are conducted to develop concentration and good health.


Separate Silambam classes for boys and girls are conducted to develop self defense and good health.


The school has separate gymnastics classes for boys and girls to develop grace, skill and co-ordination.


The basic Mudras of classical dance, are taught to the children, so they learn to move with ease and elegance.


A simple way to do maths using Abacus is being taught in a playway method. Abacus ensures maths is a cakewalk for each & every student. 

Our Point of Difference
  • Clean, safe and creative environment for your child.

  • Limited number of students in a class to ensure individual support and guidance.

  • Teacher pupil ratio is 1:20

  • Pre-school program is a combination of the play way method and the Montessori Method.

  • Every child has enough freedom to express their feelings.

  • Encourages the child to think independently as well as work as a team

  • Resourceful highly qualified and motivated team of faculty

  • Beautiful campus with well-ventilated spacious classrooms

  • Play fields for football, cricket, tennis, volley ball, & athletic tracks

  • Purified drinking water for children

  • Practical method of  Teaching

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